$18 Billion in Health Care for California's Kids, Seniors, and Working Families

Since 2009, the State of California has partnered with hospitals to secure billions of dollars per year in federal matching funds for Medi‑Cal. This alliance ensures vital access to health care for nearly 7 million California children, providing essential health services such as medical check-ups, immunizations, important prescriptions, dental and vision care.
Your support of Prop 52 will extend this partnership.


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“This initiative is essential if low-income seniors are going to get the kind of health care they need. In the years ahead, the numbers of seniors are increasing,” said Gary Passmore, Vice President, North Congress of California Seniors.



More than 13 million Californians depend on Medi-Cal for health care. That’s one in every three residents. Proposition 52 would extend a partnership between the state and its hospitals, now due to expire in 2017, that brings more than $3 billion a year in federal funds to California to pay for Medi-Cal services.



The Yes on Proposition 52 campaign has released a comprehensive and diverse list of more than 935 endorsements for the Medi-Cal Funding and Accountability Act, an initiative aimed at protecting access to health care services for children, seniors and low-income Californians.



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Prop 52 Helps California’s Kids
Keeping California’s children healthy, in school, and able to learn effectively is a key goal of the Medi-Cal services that depend on billions in federal funding. Prop 52 ensure that funding will continue without interruption, meaning a brighter future for millions of youngsters.

Medi-Cal Keeps Seniors Healthy
Find out how Medi-Cal plays a vital role in keeping California’s Seniors healthy.

The Medi-Cal funding partnership improves the lives of 1 in 3 Californians around the state, including nearly half of the state’s children. Hand-in-hand they would circle the state multiple times over.

Doing the Math
Nearly 7 million children in California have benefited from the billions created by maximizing federal matching funds for Medi-Cal, but the real impact of the partnership goes beyond the numbers behind who is receiving health coverage.

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Medi-Cal Works for Children

Studies show that investing in the health of uninsured children reaps benefits in their education, long-term health, and future earnings as an adult.

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A dedicated $4.3 billion for children’s health care pays for essential health benefits such as check-ups and hospital care.

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Fatima Morales, a policy and outreach associate with the nonprofit advocacy group Children Now, said California has made the right moves.

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A new study finds that children enrolled in Medi-Cal were "significantly more likely" to receive preventive medical and dental care and were less likely to experience out-of-pocket costs.

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Broad Consensus Behind Prop 52

Prop 52 is supported by more than 800 individuals and organizations, including 300 hospitals and healthcare districts, 84 community clinics, 50 health care associations, and 32 health systems.

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Sandy McBrayer, CEO, The Children's Initiative

"By generating $3 billion a year — federal funds the state would otherwise not receive — the Medi-Cal partnership is able to deliver higher quality, more accessible care, for millions of California kids. Better care means healthier kids who can stay in school.”

Dr. Donald Kearns, President/CEO, Rady Children's Hospital

“I want people to know how important this initiative is, because it has a lot to do with the future of pediatric health care in California, and that has a lot to do with the future of all of us in California. This is incredibly important for us, both as an institution and a community. Medi-Cal has been a savior for children in this state, but it has also made a huge difference in making health care more accessible to adults.”

Dr. Nick Anas, President, Children's Specialty Care Coalition; Director of Pediatric Critical Care Program, Children's Hospital of Orange County

“The Children’s Specialty Care Coalition supports this measure, because we are keenly aware of the challenges of taking care of children with complex medical conditions. We have got to take care of the kids. That’s our responsibility, and we can’t do it without adequate support.”