4 signs that indicate when should someone seek medical care for ringworm on the body

Ringworm can give you a nightmare. It is a form of rash in the skin that is caused due to a fungus. The rash looks like a ring. It is a very common type of skin infection. It is contagious; that is, it can easily get transferred from one person to another if that person comes into direct or indirect contact with the affected person. If you suffer from ringworm then you can get some over-the-counter ointment or antifungal medications. But in case of severe cases, you should seek medical care. These are the situations or conditions that indicate that you need medical attention.

  1. If you see that your condition is not getting any better after applying the over-the-counter medication after one week or the rash is actually spreading more, then you should visit a doctor. You should diagnose your condition to find out what’s wrong with your skin. There is a chance that you might suffer from other skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema.
  2. Besides having a rash on your skin, if you have a fever of more than 380C or 100.40F then it is an indication that a bacterial secondary infection has occurred. In such case, you should visit the doctor immediately.
  3. If there is an infection along with the ringworm, then you must go to the emergency department of a hospital. You should go through detailed diagnosis to find out about your skin condition. Symptoms of infections include increased pain and swelling, discharge of pus, etc.
  4. If you notice patches of skin that look red and bumpy like blisters and feels itchy even after applying nonprescription antifungal medication from two weeks, then you should see a doctor.

Clinical examination is conducted in order to diagnose ringworm. The doctor collects a sample from your skin and checks it under a microscope to look at the fungal growth. As it’s a very common disease, you should know how to get rid of ringworm with home remedies. You can go to a pharmacy and get over-the-counter medicine. A family doctor can also suggest you medication. If your condition gets worse and you see the symptoms just discussed then you should visit a specialist in this area and get a proper diagnosis. Though ringworm is not a serious disease, you should seek medical help immediately if the over-the-counter medication doesn’t improve your condition after a few weeks. If left untreated, it may cause serious skin conditions.