We are a non-profit organization whose advocacy is to ensure consistent and maximized federal funding for California residents through the Medi-Cal program, which has provided health care services to low-income families, children, and seniors for 50 years.

For 8 years, the State of California has forged partnerships with hospitals to generate federal funding for Medi-Cal. Through such partnerships, health care is made available for the underprivileged sectors of the society such as the seven million children in California. We take part in the efforts to secure maximized funding so that these underprivileged people can have access to vital medical, dental, and vision care benefits, including immunizations, medical checkups, and prescriptions.

This website is one of the venues for this advocacy group to further its cause for the benefit of millions of Californians. Our mission is to educate every Californian on what he needs to know to get access to affordable or even free health care services.

However, we cannot do this alone. We need your support, too. Your voice, when combined with ours, will help empower people in California who need low-cost medical services the most. We enjoin you to follow our social media channels for more updates and information on how you can help in our advocacy. You can also email us via [email protected].